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The International Corporate Development Group (ICDG) was founded in 2001 by Dr. Rudi Mueller with the objective of providing support to distressed domestic and international corporations.



Dr. Ruediger Mueller, CTP

RM-PhotoDr. Mueller brings more than 22 years of corporate and consulting experience to his position as Chief Executive Officer of ICDG, a consulting group specializing in operational, growth, and turnaround management as well as human resource development. He is a Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP), an active member of the Turnaround Management Association (TMA) and the Association of Certified Turnaround Professionals (ACTP), and supports and adheres to the Code of Ethics of both organizations. Dr. Mueller is also a recognized leadership expert who has worked with major US and international organizations including FEMA, GE Capital, the Mayo Clinic, etc. (www.leadingandfollowing.com)

Formerly, Dr. Mueller held various positions, including Division CEO in multinational corporations serving the construction, furniture, and cabinet making industries. He has also consulted and worked extensively in other industries including the following:

  1. Specialty chemicals
  2. Hardware manufacturing and distribution
  3. Automotive tier one supply
  4. Machinery and machine tools
  5. Construction materials, architectural hardware
  6. Textiles

Having worked in multinational corporations with exposure to a variety of industries, Dr. Mueller has extensive international experience in Europe as well as the Far East. He has experience in strategic planning, general management, marketing/sales, and operations. Turn around and IT experiences add to Dr. Mueller’s range of capabilities.

Earlier in his career Dr. Mueller served on the business faculty of Gettysburg College and the University of Wisconsin where he taught courses in Marketing, Small Business Management, International Business, and Information Technology and published on these subjects. His industrial IT experience includes responsibility for ERP implementations with budgets from $ 500,000 to over $ 15 Million.

Graduate degrees from US and German Universities in Economics and Business including a doctoral degree focused on strategic planning and control systems, combined with a professional career at large corporations as well as smaller companies give Dr. Mueller the expertise to lead domestic and global corporations to success and profitability.

Throughout his career, Dr Mueller has been a hands-on leader and consultant who feels as much at home on the shop floor as in the executive suite. His leadership style has earned him the admiration of both, his peers and board members he reported to as well as his subordinates. His strong focus on leadership and people have allowed him to build strong performance oriented organizational cultures that were at the same time capable of reacting quickly to changing market conditions and highly productive. This extensive background and experience provides a value-added benefit to his clients during an engagement.


Eugene J. Gillespie, Jr., JD, CTP

Gene’s recent work has been with public and private companies where he focuses on crisis
interventions, strategic planning and profit improvement through restructuring and redeployment
of assets. In this area he has performed the roles of board member/chairman, interim CEO,
consultant, receiver and special consultant to the U. S. Trustee in a bankruptcy proceeding.
Industries served include management/business services, healthcare entities including hospitals,
assisted living facilities and health risk management as well as international publications, financial
services, educational institutions, real estate, newspaper publishing, airlines and other
transportation companies.




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