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Certified Turnaround Professionals (CTP’s):


Who is a CTP?

An experienced professional who ….

  1. Is committed to the corporate renewal profession
  2. Is engaged as an independent, objective expert in turnarounds
  3. Abides by TMA Code of Ethics
  4. Has passed rigorous exams in …
    1. Management

Early warning signals, steps in a turnaround

    1. Accounting and Finance

Financial statements, capital sources and structure, valuation, budget control, performance measurement, cash flow

    1. Law

Contracts, secured transactions, employment issues, bankruptcy


The CTP Difference:

To earn a CTP, professionals must meet stringent standards of …

    1. Education: College degree or 10 years’ business experience
    2. Experience: Five years, with three in turnarounds
    3. Expertise: Pass a three-part exam and provide five turn-around case studies and three letters from clients
    4. Professional Conduct: Three recommendations from peers, background check and approval by the ACTP Standards Committee
    5. Continuing Education


For more information contact
The Association of Certified Turnaround Professionals
(312) 578-6900 * www.actp.org



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